The Foundation For Public Code

The Foundation For Public Code


We create a viable future for cities and civic operating systems that are highly participatory and drive societal engagement. A public digital infrastructure that is inclusive, usable, adaptive, open and sustainable.

To achieve this we maintain, manage, contribute to and grow an ecosystem of public software and policies that help governments, communities and citizens improve their city.

What we do

We help public Open Source projects become successful, build sustainable communities around them and create a thriving public Open Source ecology.

Cities and civic organisations can become members of the Foundation For Public Code to collaboratively grow the ecosystem.

Members can grant their policy and code to the foundation for sustainable stewardship and community management.


We help public software products be successful by guaranteeing their marketability and quality. We provide the following for products in our care:


The Foundation For Public Code

Ben Cerveny, Director
[email protected]

Boris van Hoytema, Director
[email protected]