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  1. What the administrative employee does
  2. What we expect from all of our team members
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Come help us support governments and public organizations develop mature digital policy instruments and infrastructure. The Foundation for Public Code provides review of codebases that are in our stewardship to help developers build trusted and reliable software that can be widely reused and foster a strong community around it.

We test against the Standard for Public Code to make codebases understandable, reusable and community based. Our standards are high, as well as opinionated, to ensure codebases can be trusted as the infrastructure of society and improve continually, and policy makers can keep technology and architectural choices open.

We need your help to build a reliable, professional and open, non-profit and semi-governmental organization.

What the administrative employee does

As an administrative employee you work together with the our team, consultants and vendors and board of directors to ensure we’re functioning well as an organization with openness and transparency, in both Dutch and English.

This means you will work on a broad varity of tasks including: financial administration; executing internal policies; hiring and supporting employees; managing facilities; being the outward face of the organization.

If you would enjoy supporting an organization to become an role-model example for what a public organization can be, we want to meet you.

What we expect from all of our team members

You should:

  • share our core values: openness, quality, trust, community, helpfulness
  • want to work for the public good
  • have a collaborative work attitude and take pride in making things together
  • be able to work independently
  • be a strong communicator in English

Job description

This role is an administrative employee (scale 6) as defined in the Functiegebouw Rijksoverheid (the Dutch national government standardised role descriptions).

General Description:

  • maintaining the administration(s)
  • acting as a support desk and front office
  • administrative support and activities for primary or supporting organizational units
  • generation of (management) information
  • signaling and reporting of malfunctions and deviations in systems and applications and user support
  • contacts aimed at providing information

Managing administration(s) and/or administrative support activities:

  • acting as a support desk and front office
  • handling of requests
  • providing information about procedures, forms and administrative and organizational processes
  • collecting, checking, registering and processing (or modifying) data
  • monitoring output, identifying problems and reporting
  • administrative preparation, monitoring progress, administrative execution and processing
  • handling correspondence
  • creating and maintaining work files
  • generating (management) overviews
  • identifying and reporting malfunctions and deviations in relevant systems and applications
  • informing and supporting users

Functional management/support of users:

  • internal administrative procedures and regulations
  • assessing the approach, progress and completeness of the administration, the quality of the administrative data and the adequate support for users
  • in the preparation, processing and resolution of administrative requests and in the delivery of data, choices are made about the manner of implementation and consequences are reasonably predictable

Scope / Frameworks:

  • knowledge of general administrative procedures and regulations
  • knowledge of regular documentation and archiving techniques
  • understanding of functional relationships and relevant administrative processes within the organization
  • skill in working with computerized systems
  • proficiency in generating (management) information
  • skill in the administrative processing and resolution of requests, administrative support and talking to employees and third parties.

Knowledge & Skill:

  • contacts are characterized by the exchange of administrative data and information
  • understanding execution and progress of the administrative work in order to explain, support and exchange information internally and externally

More information about this position

This is a part or full time role (20-40 hours/week) in our main offices in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Assistance in relocation is possible.

This is a one year contract, with an option to extend. Compensation is based on Scale 6 of the Dutch national government salary framework at €2224,82 excluding holiday pay and with generous paid vacation.

We welcome more senior applicants, which could adjust the job description and scale.

More about the application process

We enthusiastically encourage people underrepresented in the worlds of technology and government to apply. If you want to know more about the position, please email us at

To apply for this position, please email us at

We are looking to fill this position in the very near future and will review applications on a rolling basis.