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  1. What interns do
    1. Join as an intern codebase steward
    2. Join as a general intern
  2. What we expect from all of our team members
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Our program offers you the opportunity to work on high value public code projects used around the world, and improve the role of technology in society. You’ll help to make public-purpose software and policy – used for example in cities and other public organizations – more open and collaborative.

The Foundation for Public Code helps public organizations develop and maintain software and policy together. We provide review of codebases that are in our stewardship to help developers build trusted and reliable software that can be widely reused and foster a strong community around it.

We test against the Standard for Public Code to make codebases understandable, reusable and community based. Our standards are high, as well as opinionated, to ensure codebases can be trusted as the infrastructure of society. The Standard supports continual improvement of codebases and helps policy makers keep technology and architectural choices open.

What interns do

We have two types of internships: codebase steward and general. Please send us a proposal on how you would fit within the Foundation’s activities, based on the information below, your skills and your interests.

Join as an intern codebase steward

As an intern codebase steward you will be paired with and mentored by one of our codebase stewards to make the Foundation’s codebases more trusted, reliable and reusable.

For more information on our four types of codebase stewards please see:

Join as a general intern

As a small but growing organization we also regularly need help from talented indivudals on various issues. Examples include:

  • researching and developing case studies on the economics of open source for public use
  • improving how we measure impact
  • organizing epic events
  • supporting ongoing operations in an open-by-default and community-driven organization

You’ll get the chance to learn from and work with everyone at the Foundation.

For the latest list of things we are solliciting from contributors, please check out our GitHub repositories or our individual contributors page. You can also send us a proposal that you think can benefit us as well as fulfull your internship requirements.

What we expect from all of our team members

You should:

  • share our core values: openness, quality, trust, community, helpfulness
  • understand the value of and be experienced with open source products and communities
  • want to work for the public good
  • have a collaborative work attitude and take pride in making things together
  • be able to work independently
  • be a strong communicator in English
  • have international experience
  • be an active participant in the codebase community you support

More information about this position

We expect interns to join us for at least 3 months, and at least 3 days per week. We are looking for interns to join us from September 2019 onwards.

We are open to all types of applications, including as part of your studies (like a thesis or final project), as a student placement before or after graduation, or independently of an educational program. We will provide some financial compensation for people not covered by their institutions or training program.

The position of intern codebase steward can be fulfilled either in our Amsterdam office or remotely, with trips to our head office in Amsterdam for training and important events. General interns are based in our Amsterdam office.

More about the application process

We enthusiastically encourage people underrepresented in the worlds of technology and government to apply.

If you want to know more about the position, please get in touch with via with:

  • your internship prososal
  • a cover letter
  • a resume or a short explanation of your relevant work experience

We will review applications on a rolling basis.