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Come help producers of open source software for public use – such as in cities and other public organizations – develop and maintain software and policy together. The Foundation for Public Code provides review of codebases that are in our stewardship to help developers build trusted and reliable software that can be widely reused and foster a strong community around it.

We test against the Standard for Public Code to make codebases understandable, reusable and community based. Our standards are high, as well as opinionated, to ensure codebases can be trusted as the infrastructure of society and improve continually, and policy makers can keep technology and architectural choices open.

Part of this effort is to get a wider uptake for these codebases - reused codebases become more cost effective, higher quality, more resilient and more attractive to contributors. This means policy makers, management and developers in public organizations need to get to know the codebases and how to use them to solve their problems.

What the codebase steward for product marketing does

As a codebase steward for product marketing, you work together with the community to make your codebase compelling to others. This means you help:

  • make the codebase into a product
  • provide branding for codebases so that they stand out from other – often proprietary – solutions
  • build the communications channels necessary for getting the word out
  • work to build a market for the codebase and the solution it provides
  • help others sell the codebase to their management, coworkers or clients
  • create a buzz around the codebase
  • partake in the community

So if you delight in making codebases shine and connecting public purpose codebases to their ideal users, this may be the role for you.

What we expect from all of our team members

You should:

  • share our core values: openness, quality, trust, community, helpfulness
  • understand the value of and be experienced with open source products and communities
  • want to work for the public good
  • have a collaborative work attitude and take pride in making things together
  • be able to work independently
  • be a strong communicator in English
  • have international experience
  • be an active participant in the codebase community you support

What we expect from the codebase steward for product marketing

We expect our new codebase steward for product marketing to:

  • have strong experience in marketing, communications or product management
  • work with a codebase’s existing community to build a network of people excited for their codebase, including open source enthusiasts in government, government procurement experts, vendors, the wider open source and govtech communities and other stakeholders
  • have previous experience with the open source community or government technology adoption
  • be excited to help us develop the product marketing process for public code
  • be diplomatic, strategically aware and able to be a strong advocate for the organization

More information about this position

This is a full time role (40 hours/week) in our main offices in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Assistance in relocation is possible.

This is a one year contract, with an option to extend. Compensation is competitive as well as in line with the public mission of the organization.

More about the application process

We enthusiastically encourage people underrepresented in the worlds of technology and government to apply. If you want to know more about the position, please email us at

To apply for this position, please email us at

We are looking to fill this position in the very near future and will review applications on a rolling basis.