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Digital Omgevingsbeleid

Stage 1: Assessment

What it is

Digital Omgevingsbeleid lets you explore laws and policies, view where they apply and compare them to previous versions. This way, policies are easier to understand and always up to date. Digital Omgevingsbeleid was built in response to the 2022 Environment and Planning Act (Omgevingswet) in the Netherlands.

For example, if someone wants to build a windfarm, they can quickly understand what's allowed on their prospective site. Digital Omgevingsbeleid also makes it easier for a civil servant considering new regulation to see how the new regulations will interact with regulations that already apply.

How we're helping

We are helping the Omgevingsbeleid team by:

  • giving advice on open source licenses
  • helping them prepare to publish the code in the open
  • advising on testing and test coverage


Languages and frameworks:
Python, Microsoft SQL server


Created by:
Province of South Holland
None yet. Interest from several Dutch public organizations.


Scaling potential:
Easy reuse by other Dutch provinces, which must all meet the same Omgevingswet obligations. With some backend work, this could scale to municipalities and internationally.