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Open Source Project Template

Stage 2: Incubation

What it is

A template project containing 'Community Health Files' and relevant checklists.

Its intention is to be a practical starter when releasing a project as Open Source.

It was created in a general way to be usable for anyone, and proposes well known conventions and de-facto standards when possible.

How we're helping

We're helping launch the Open Source Project Template development by:

  • Providing feedback on the contents
  • Identifying possible international collaborators
  • Supporting sustainable development


Languages and frameworks:


Created by:
Digg's Open Source Guild and asom (arbetsgruppen för samordning av mjukvara, which translates to working group for coordination of software), Sweden
Used by:
Jitsi Outlook Plugin


Scaling potential:
Any new open source repository, especially public code.

Open Source Project Template maintainers have made a commitment to meeting the criteria of the Standard for Public Code.

Repositories which use the Open Source Project Template will be naturally well positioned to meet the criteria of the Standard for Public Code.