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Stage 2: incubation

What it is

OpenZaak is a case management platform for municipalities that want to deliver citizen-friendly services online.

It is a ready-to-use backend solution that acts as a directory of case registration, including metadata describing the case.

OpenZaak implements the Dutch national API standards for case management, developed by the Dutch Association of Municipalities (VNG).

How we’re helping

We’re helping launch the OpenZaak open source ecosystem by:

  • running a market consultation to co-create codebase governance and community dynamics, and better understand vendor business models and risk sharing
  • advising on decentralized procurement
  • building the community through shared events, a mailing list and marketing materials

Screenshot of the OpenZaak user interface


Languages and frameworks: Python


Created by: a coalition of more than 45 Dutch municipalities including Amsterdam, Arnhem, Delft, Haarlem, ’s-Hertogenbosch, Rotterdam, Tilburg, Hoorn, Medemblik, Utrecht, SED (composed of Stede Broec, Enkhuizen and Drechterland) and Dimpact (composed of more than 30 municipalities) (2019)

Replicating: The commissioning municipalities are preparing to procure services using OpenZaak, based on their spring 2020 market consultation


Scaling potential: other Dutch municipalities, other industries that use a case management system (like hospitals or hotels)

We’re working closely with the commissioning municipalities to help them grow OpenZaak to a trusted codebase with:

  • many vendors offering a range of services using OpenZaak
  • widespread adoption by municipalities

OpenZaak maintainers see meeting the Standard for Public Code as integral to achieving their vision.

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