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Stage 2: Incubation

What it is

Signalen makes it easier for residents to make a report, and helps the city respond to the most important things first.

It includes:

  • Algorithmic processing by type of complaint, and second layer triaging and prioritization by humans
  • Automatic updates to complainants about the status of their report
  • Automatic alerts to city staff based on analysis of combined reports
  • Allowing reports to be passed on to other city workers and subcontractors

How we're helping

We're helping Amsterdam and the Association of Netherlands Municipalities (VNG) define a governance structure, including shared feature roadmaps and technical steering.

We're also helping make the codebase more conducive to collaboration, including:

  • Clear branching and gitflow models
  • Automated unit tests and integration testing
  • Engineering guidelines
  • Help prepare the community to empower market parties to offer the solution as Software as a Service (SaaS)


Languages and frameworks:
Django Python


Created by:
Amsterdam, the Netherlands (2018)
s'-Hertogenbosch was the first replicator. Alphen en de Rijn, Almere, Urk and Haarlem are in implementing phase. Strong interest from other Dutch cities and the VNG (representing 355 municipalities), as well as Ghent (Belgium) as part of the European SCORE project.


Scaling potential:
Initially other Dutch municipalities, but it has potential to scale internationally

The VNG wants to make it 'one click deployable' from their Common Ground appstore.

Amsterdam, the VNG and 's-Hertogenbosch have asked for our expertise while they refactor the codebase to be more modular and reusable while it's in production in Amsterdam.