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Stage 2: Incubation

What it is

Signalen makes it easier for residents to make a report, and helps the city respond to the most important things first.

It includes:

  • Algorithmic processing by type of complaint, and second layer triaging and prioritization by humans
  • Automatic updates to complainants about the status of their report
  • Automatic alerts to city staff based on analysis of combined reports
  • Allowing reports to be passed on to other city workers and subcontractors

How we're helping

We're helping Amsterdam and the Association of Netherlands Municipalities (VNG) define a governance structure, including shared feature roadmaps and technical steering.

We're also helping make the codebase more conducive to collaboration, including:

  • Clear branching and gitflow models
  • Automated unit tests and integration testing
  • Engineering guidelines
  • Help prepare the community to empower market parties to offer the solution as Software as a Service (SaaS)


Languages and frameworks:
Django Python


Created by:
Amsterdam, the Netherlands (2018)
Strong interest from other Dutch cities and the VNG (representing 355 municipalities), as well as Ghent (Belgium) as part of the European SCORE project.


Scaling potential:
Other Dutch municipalities

The VNG wants to make it 'one click deployable' from their Common Ground appstore.

Amsterdam, the VNG and 's-Hertogenbosch have asked for our expertise while they refactor the codebase to be more modular and reusable while it's in production in Amsterdam.