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  1. Benefits of being a member
  2. Membership requirements
  3. How to join the Foundation

We’re looking for members to help shape the Foundation for Public Code’s long term future.

Members are forward-thinking public organizations with a strong commitment to the existence of an ecosystem of public code. As a member you’ll help create a global community of public code empowered organizations that pool resources and collaborate in the digital transformation of modern government. By benefiting from and supporting codebase stewardship, you’ll help create higher quality services for the public that are more cost effective, with less risk and more local control.

Sound interesting? Find out more about becoming a member and get in touch with us!

Benefits of being a member

As a member, you’ll shape the Foundation for Public Code’s processes and governance.

We will help you approach your digital systems in a way that promotes effective and high quality delivery, as well as:

  • help you work together with other public organizations - sharing software code and learnings - to reduce cost and make investments more effective
  • set up a sustainable relationship with the market - helping different (types of) companies work together without a single point of failure (e.g. service designers with developers with system maintainers)
  • make sure you and other public members are in control of their systems so you can respond to new citizen needs, policy goals or technologies

Further benefits of membership include being able to:

  • steer our pipeline towards projects you’d like to reuse
  • gain recognition as a leader of systemic digital transformation
  • demonstrate return on IT investments from higher levels of administration
  • increase the quality and security of your code through codebase stewardship
  • access Foundation for Public Code leaders and advisors for open source strategy discussions
  • learn from and share experience with other bold, innovative public organizations and leaders in the sector

Membership requirements

To become a member you should be a publicly owned organization (such as a city, regional government, public library or an association of public bodies), and have some of these:

  • enthusiasm for public code at the most senior levels within your organisation
  • a willingness to help improve the Foundation for Public Code onboarding and code auditing processes
  • an open source software solution that you think other public organisations will be interested in reusing
  • the ability to make a significant financial commitment relative to your type and size of organization (especially if you don’t currently have a codebase available, but are invested in creating a future for public code)
  • a development team and policy experts able to work with the Foundation for Public Code to refactor and document your software and policy so that they meet the Standard for Public Code

How to join the Foundation

If your organization is curious about membership, then we’d love to hear from you. Please email us at