Become a founding member


  1. Benefits of being a founding member
  2. Founding membership requirements
  3. How to join the Foundation

We’re currently looking for founding members to help shape the Foundation for Public Code’s long term future by joining us now.

Founding members are forward-thinking public organizations with a strong principled commitment to the existence of an ecosystem of public code. You’ll be willing to take co-ownership of the Foundation and be an advocate for public code.

We are looking for organizations that can:

  • help us validate our code certification and stewardship processes
  • provide material support to create a public code ecosystem

We’ll open other types of membership from 2020.

Benefits of being a founding member

As a founding member, you’ll shape the Foundation’s processes and governance.

You will:

  • be one of the first to have codebases stewarded by the Foundation (reducing your future risk and maintenance costs)
  • get a seat on the board of directors
  • steer the Foundation’s pipeline towards projects you’d like to reuse
  • gain recognition as a leader of systemic digital transformation

This is in addition to the regular benefits of Foundation membership. These include being able to:

  • invoke continuous integration auditing resources on projects in development accepted by the Foundation (increasing the security of your code)
  • demonstrate return on IT investments from higher levels of administration
  • collectively participate in a trusted Foundation procurement strategy
  • learn from and share experience with other bold, innovative public organizations and leaders in the sector

We also offer:

  • access to Foundation leaders and advisors for open source strategy discussions
  • entry to exclusive, invite-only public code leadership summits focused on technical, compliance, and business topics
  • prominent placement of your organization’s brand on the Foundation’s social networks and web properties
  • direct access to technical decision-makers of the Foundation platform
  • opportunities for leadership roles in Foundation initiatives
  • a blogpost announcing membership

Founding membership requirements

To become a founding member you should have both of these:

  • enthusiasm for public code at the most senior levels within your organisation
  • the ability to make in-kind contributions to help us develop our processes and governance, so that they work better for your type of organisation

To become a founding member you should have some of these:

  • a willingness to help the Foundation test its onboarding and code auditing processes, so we can get it right
  • the ability to make a significant financial commitment relative to your type and size of organization (especially if you don’t currently have a codebase available, but are invested in creating a future for public code)
  • an open source software solution that you think other public organisations will be interested in reusing
  • a development team and policy experts able to work with the Foundation to refactor and document your software and policy so that they meet the Standard for Public Code

How to join the Foundation

If your organization is curious about founding membership, then we’d love to hear from you. Please email us at