The Standard for Public Code


  1. Make the Standard better

The Standard for Public Code gives public organizations a model for building their own open source solutions to enable successful future reuse by similar public organizations in other places. It includes guidance for policy makers, city administrators, developers and vendors.

All codebases in stewardship with the Foundation for Public Code have chosen to apply the Standard to their own work.

The Standard is recognized as a Digital Public Good by the Digital Public Goods Alliance.

The CITYxCITY Academy has a free online course covering the Standard for Public Code.

Thumbnail for the video on the Standard for Public Code: a printed version lying on a table between two hands

A video introduction to Standard for Public Code (4:12) on YouTube

Make the Standard better

We welcome feedback on how to make the Standard more useful, especially if you work with policy at a public organization or software development.

You can contribute to the Standard by: