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Lead codebase steward

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Eric is the Foundation for Public Code’s Lead Codebase Steward for Quality. With two decades of experience, he brings the perspectives of codebases of many languages and development practices.

He worked as a developer for MySQL and remains active in the Free and Open Source Software database community. He continues to contribute to MySQL and MariaDB. Eric serves as the chairman of the board of directors of the MariaDB Foundation.

Formerly a Principal Developer at, he has worked on the data infrastructure of one of the top 10 largest ecommerce sites. During his time at, he developed performance enhancements to the Perl programming language which were contributed upstream for all users of Perl to benefit from.

Eric loves Free and Open Source Software and will often be seen sporting a FOSS t-shirt. In his weekends, as a member of the OpenElectronicsLab, he writes embedded-systems software as well as designs and builds Open Hardware.