We help public organizations collectively develop and maintain public code.

This results in higher quality services for the public that are more cost effective, with less risk and more local control.

We define ‘public code’ as open source software developed by public organizations, together with the policy and guidance needed for reuse.

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What we do: codebase stewardship

Everything your project needs to be sustainable, collaborative and open.

About codebase stewardship

Jacco Brouwer

"The Foundation for Public Code is helping our collaboration of Dutch cities to increase our code quality and making codebases more accessible for others to use"

— Jacco Brouwer, the association of Dutch municipalities (VNG-Realisatie)

We maintain the Standard for Public Code

The Standard for Public Code is a model for public organizations building open source solutions to enable successful reuse by other public organizations.

It is here for you to use

Codebases we work with

This public code improves citizens' lives and experience of government every day.

We're proud to work with these codebase communities

Why we exist: background

Public service delivery and governance depend on software, but this isn't always democratically accountable, accessible or sustainable.

We exist to enable other approaches

Who we are

Together, we’re passionate about collaboration, open source and enabling a different way of working for public organizations.

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