Codebase stewardship

Everything your project needs to be sustainable, collaborative and trusted.

Our codebase stewards help guarantee quality and marketability of public-purpose open source projects.

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Ensuring code, tests and documentation are up to standard

Our auditing process checks every merge request for compliance with the Standard for Public Code, to enable agile development of trustworthy codebases for public organizations and their collaborators.

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"The codebase stewards helped us in a great way to shift to maintaining our platform code fully in the open. We had two sessions with the stewards, enabling the team to determine the work to be done, then actually making the step to working fully in the open. We now work with more than one team on the codebase on Gitlab."

— Martin Dias d'Ullois, Product Owner, Logius

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Enabling communities to grow, organize and build amazing things together

We co-develop communities to help them process feedback and contributions, host events, and build and execute effective governance.

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Building the story a codebase needs to be noticed and re-used

We help products shine on their own, build branding and plan communications to ensure codebases get adopted by re-users and contributors, and support both development and design.

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Providing tools, skills and answers for users, vendors and developers

We help developers with end-user support, packaging and distribution, training material creation and certifications, while helping cooperatives, NGOs and for-profit companies sell, implement and support products.

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Supporting operations and legal affairs

To effectively steward a codebase, we provide operations support such as infrastructure and process management as well as information to support decisions on licenses, IP management and trademark protection.

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Operating globally, thinking locally

For local implementations we collaborate with partners to integrate effectively in the local context, while simultaneously making it easier for others to implement.

Our focus on ecosystems — rather than nations or cities — ensures context-specific code or policy is never a barrier to implementation, and that code is globally reusable.

From incubation to full stewardship

When we meet a new codebase, the codebase stewards at the Foundation for Public Code support the community to make the codebase fully Standard compliant.

Based on the ambition of the community, the codebase stewards will help the community plan, prioritize and communicate improvements in the codebase and governance. These improvements will help the codebase meet the criteria of the Standard for Public code.