This service is still in development, all information on this page should be considered informative and non-actionable.

Codebase stewardship

Everything your project needs to be sustainable, collaborative and open.

Through Codebase stewardship we help public source code & policy code products become successful by guaranteeing their marketability and quality. Trustworthy, usable, maintained and sustainable code & code for your city.

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Making sure the code, tests and documentation are always up to the standards

We check every merge request on code, policy and documentation quality in our codebase auditing process. This enables agile development for trustworthy codebases for public institutions and their collaborators.

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Enabling the community to grow, organize and build amazing things together

With community development we help the community organize and grow, to process feedback and contributions, organize events, and build and execute effective governance.

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Adding the stories and details a codebase needs to be noticed and re-used

Through product management we grow adoption and help mature the codebase to the point where it can shine on its own. In order for potential re-users and future contributors to notice and adopt the codebase we help to turn it in to a product with the branding and communications it needs as well as support on development and design.

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Providing users, vendors and developers with the tools, skills and answers they need

To drive developer success we help with (end)user support, packaging, and distributing official versions as well as developing training materials and certifications. We also help vendors such as cooperatives, NGOs and for profit companies to sell, implement and support the product.

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We take care of the product and codebase's operations and legal affairs

In order to effectively steward a codebase we provide operations support such as infrastructure and process management as well as legal services such as license support, IP management and trademark protection.

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We provide these services explicitly at ecosystem level – not at a national or city level – to make sure that context specific code or policy does not become a barrier to implementation. This means that we make sure that code is reusable across contexts globally.

For local implementations we collaborate with local implementation partners, working actively with them to both integrate effectively in the local context while simultaneously making it easier for others to implement as well.