Codebases we work with

The Foundation for Public Code helps to effectively scale codebases. We do this by supporting ambitious communities with codebase stewardship.

Codebases are organized by their codebase maturity.

Stage 1: Assessment

In this phase, codebase communities and the Foundation for Public Code decide if:

Codebases currently in public assessment:
Digital Omgevingsbeleid
Explore all the spatial planning and environmental laws that apply to a location

Stage 2: Incubation

Codebases in incubation are working to meet the Standard for Public Code.

Codebases currently in incubation:
Backend component to help municipalities manage and share data internally
Overview Visit project
Receiving, automatically classifying and prioritising residents' nuisance reports
Overview Visit project

Stage 3: Mature

Mature codebases and communities fully meet the Standard for Public Code.

There are currently no mature codebases under Foundation for Public Code stewardship.

Stage 4: Attic

Codebases and communitities that were once Standard compliant but aren't anymore are in the attic.

There are currently no codebases in our attic.